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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 27, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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um. it was great stuff. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues, greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: where all anxiously waiting and wondering what is going to happen in arizona? we are 24 hours from sb-1070 becomes law unless the judge swats that law down. there's another illegal immigration story in nebraska. that report is minutes away. plus, you are going to the scene of a grisly murder on the border. griff jenkins talks to the widow of a rancher who many suspect was killed by illegal immigrant. all that is coming up. but first republican senator john thune has an idea to solve a big problem. will the democrats consider his problem. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: what is your idea? >> i have observed for a long time since i've been here
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probably the most fundamental thing you can do to change the way washington works and end business as usual is reform the budget process. we have a budget process that is broken the last 34 years only four times when all the appropriation bills were passed on time. there's this ender in shah is spend more. what -- inertia to spend more. my bill would be composed of republicans and democrats from the house and senate, permanent standing committee in the congress whose soul mission would be to reduce the deficit. it would be required to find 10% in savings -- 10% of the deficit in savings every budget cycle. caps discretionary spending indexes it for inflation changes the pay-go rules and makes a number of other changes in the budget process. a way in which we can start putting downward pressure on spending in washington which is desperately needed. >> reporter: o' >> greta: in 10 years we wouldn't have a deficit?
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>> theoretically, yes. 10% is a floor. obviously -- you can go beyond that. we believe if we are going to get this under control we have to start somewhere. this isn't going to solve it overnight. we have over the course of 10 years a plan that would save about a trillion dollars minimum hopefully well beyond that. >> greta: i like your idea, simple. one probably is trying to get both sides to agree. you think there's any way that the democrats would even consider your idea? >> these are ideas, some of these ideas -- by the way it goes a bi-annual budget so you are only spending in an odd numbers year when election year comes you are trying save so you do a budget every two years instead of every year. the key is to get as much buy in as you can from both sighs who are sincere and interested in creating a process whereby
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we can put pressure on the budget here in washington. i that i will take bipartisanship. i would hope people are ready for that. clearly we have a problem out of control. >> greta: when president obama came to office he said he would solve the problem and create bipartisan relationship. he's going to change everything. that hasn't happened. people have dug their heels in even deeper. what makes you think your idea could create bipartisanship? >> i think his -- he governed from the left instead of coming to the republicans and say let's find common ground. he big majorities in congress and decided to govern from the left. when you find some of these solutions that make sense this is a common sense approach, there is room for bipartisanship here. there's got to be an effort on both sides to recognize this is a significant problem that is going to playing us for generation. if we -- going to plague us
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for generations if we don't get on the pathway to getting it fixed it is going to get more out of hand. >> greta: do you see any any effort from him? >> i haven't seen it yet. i'm homing if we can pick up seats in november he would be required to negotiate republicans. he hasn't had to. which is why many of us are arguing we need checks and balances in hoping that the november elections will provide that. >> greta: in terms of bipartisanship the issue of the bush tax cuts are supposed to expire in january. there's no bipartisan discussion on this particular issue. >> there are some democratic senators express ago openness now to allowing the tax cuts to be extended based upon the concern they would have about what it do to the economy now. >> greta: that would be going rogue against president obama.
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>> there may not be enough of them. most of the leadership in the house and senate and white house are more to the left than where the american public is. any rational person who looks at the economy would say you cannot raise taxes in the middle of a investigation. that's this would do. even if you allow tax cuts to expire for people who make more than $250,000 you are still talking about raising taxes on small businesses. get get are we going to have this -- >> greta: are we going to have this discussion on the bill -- on the hill about this bush tax cut or on the table before the midterm so the american people can weigh in with their votes? >> i would like to get it resolved as soon as we can. my fear is we get into the election there may not be the impetus to do this. next year you've got the problem year when the death
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tax expired the end of last year. now we are six, seven months into the year and you've got all these people who have estates that haven't settled or have and they don't know what the tax laws are. if you are going to make any plans this is where small businesses are asking for certainty. they are saying you got to give us certain we can plan. they need to know whether the tax cuts are gonna expire or not. >> greta: why can't everybody do it now? you can do it after the midterm that puts the small businesses six months more behind the eight ball. the small buys are trying to decide what to do, even -- small businesses are trying decide what to do. what are you all waiting for? >> good question. we don't control the agenda around here. if the democrats want to enter a discussion on how to extend these tax cuts republicans would be more than willing. we believe 50% of all small business income is going to be subject to those two rates.
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small businesses are going to see significant tax increases at a time when they are trying to pull us out of this resection. i think there should be and would be i think republicans would welcome this if we could do something on this. there's some discussion about having this debate this september before the election. i think that makes a lot of sense. i hope the democrat leadership would decide to do it. >> greta: now in the media we are checking your travel plans who is going to iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. i see you are going to california, arkansas, ohio. the big rumor is, the big chatter about you is he running for president? i won't ask you that question whether you are running. have you mad made a decision not to run for -- have you made a decision not to run for president? >> i haven't made any decisions beyond 2010. >> greta: have you made a decision not to run? >> i guess a nondecision is a decision. the reason i'm going to the places that you have mentioned is there are important senate
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race there is. right now my focus and i think everyone's focus should be on the midterm elections. we have to do something. >> greta: how do we know you are doing that and not collecting chits? >> you are such a cynic. i'm in a position because i don't have an opponent in south dakota this year to have more time and availability to help some of my colleagues. i think that's what you can read into this i want to improve our numbers in the senate. i that i is the most important objective that any republican whether they have aspirations beyond 2010 or not should be focused on what can to effect these midterm elections. >> greta: if you could do anything for the people of south dakota what would it be? >> the most important issue facing the country -- >> greta: your people. i realize you are a
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united states senate, if the people in south dakota are watching tonight what would you like to do for them? >> wipe out this department because it is absolutely gonna destroy the country. i think that generations south dakota are going to pay. we have to get our arms around this obviously ahead of that would be job creation. we are fortunate our unemployment numbers are 4 1/2% half the national average. we still have a jobs issue. more importantly people in south dakota understand thank you can spend money you don't have and when you borrow money you have to pay it back. that's an ethic we live buy-out there and i would like to see washington could that for the people of this country. >> greta: thank you sir. next the arizona immigration law dominating the headlines. a different idea is quietly going viral. a report is next. >> it is not just arizona breaking news about illegal immigration in nebraska. a report minutes away. the most unlikely duo ever
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and deport criminal illegal immigrants. how does it work? sheriff jones' department uses the program. good evening, sir. >> how are you greta? >> greta: . let's say igate arrested in your community. take me is different now. if >> if you get arrested in our community and you come to our jail you get fingerprinted which we've always done before and we run it through fbi checks through the state check to see if you have any criminal history or aliases. the difference now is it goes through a secured communities. it goes through ice immigration. what we do now is we know who we have in jail. before we had people that were in our jail that had several aliases. we didn't know who they were. sometimes they have 12 names, different social security numbers. they can't fudge or fake that fingerprint. that print tells us who they are. tells ice who they are.
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we've had a 9-year-old girl raped by an illegal who left the community and we don't know where they are at. we suppose they are living in another community. these people get stopped. they have so many aliases so many fake id's you don't know who they of. now that print can bring them back to where we know who they. it is to deport and make arrests on criminal aliens. people who have come illegally and committed a crime or have a criminal history. >> greta: let's say i've got an armed robbery arrest from five years ago. i get picked up in your community. my fingerprints are already in the system. you are going to know when you get a hit when you plug my print into your system the federal system who is in the ice database that is is different from the routine fbi database? >> it is basically the same old thing as where we all
10:15 pm
didn't cooperate. we didn't share information. this is the first time that ice along with the fbi has worked on the secured communities to where we share information. it is all new in the past couple three years for the local law enforcement to be able to tap into this system to where we can make the arrest before the fbi didn't have the information that ice had, they didn't share information. now they share that information. now we have access to anybody that's committed a crime under these different aliases, from other countries and we know who they are. in the past we've actually released people from our jail or they've been -- we don't know they are. they could be wanted for another crime in another jurisdiction or they could be a terrorist for all we know. if ice has information they share it with us. >> greta: let's say igate arrested in your community. you take my print how fast can you do a check with ice? >> can be minutes, less than
10:16 pm
that. it is all done electronically. if you get a hit there's a holder put on immediately. >> greta: in terms of the ice database everybody in the ice database someone who has committed or -- a crime or lawful fully this country? >> basically the way i understand it is people that have a criminal history that's what we are interested in we deport from my jail in butler county roughly 30 a week from all over the world. we have 287-g in my county. there's five counties in ohio that have this new secured community system. it has been in operation for actually -- for approximately three weeks. there's 88 counties in ohio we are one in butler county, franklin, one of the -- the largest county in the state of ohio, franklin county is the capital, columbus, ohio, huge operation, lots of controversy
10:17 pm
swirling around it. in ohio we are happy to have it. like i said, in the past it is heaven sent without it. we didn't have in information who we were bringing in and releasing we didn't have the capabilities of having it. >> greta: did you say you deport third a month? >> no, you -- deport 30 a month? >> no, 30 a week. >> greta: you in your county do 30 a week in ohio? >> yeah in ohio. the only border we are with is with canada but we are still a border state. we hold prisoners for ice. we're between cincinnati and dayton. population in our county is 350,000. we are the 8th largest of 88 counties in ohio. county is cleveland the largest in the state of ohio. >> greta: wow. thank you, good luck. >> thank you. >> greta: next, there's breaking news coming in about an illegal immigration
10:18 pm
controversy, not in arizona or any other border state but nebraska. that new report is next. >> plus, bill rile -- plus bill o'reilly was on jay leno. did you hear what he said about glenn beck? you will. [ male announcer ] there's scientific news about centrum. in a recently published study, key nutrients reviewed were found to be absorbed by the body. these nutrients help support energy and immunity. science gives you more reason to trust centrum.
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>> greta: breaking news. another illegal immigration fight in nebraska. as we've reported last month the town of fremont, nebraska voted to ban hiring or recenting property to illegal immigrants. tonight the council voted to suspend that ban. why? joining us live is nebraska state senator jensen. why has the council voted to suspend the law the citizens voted for? >> thank you greta it is an honor to appear on your show. tonight i think they decided -- in fact i know they decided to suspend that temporarily so we could let the legal ma nevering start happening as you may or may not be aware of -- suit has been filed against us, aclu has filed again the city of fremont. the city council, i think under legal representation of
10:22 pm
an attorney who is very familiar with the immigration or i should say illegal immigration matters has recommended that. that's the way the council proceeded on an 8-0 vote. >> greta: is it because the lawyer says your law can't prevail against the constitution or because the city council says we can't afford these lawsuits? >> i think it is actually saying more that we want to go ahead and see how this plays out in court. no sense giving standing to people, i guess for damages if it does not prevail in court. they are saying sit on the sidelines for the ordinance. let's not give people a chance build a case against us. which i think limits liability to the city of fremont and i encourage that maneuver. >> greta: it is a financial matter, essentially, a financial decision? >> well, at least at this
10:23 pm
point it is. i think the -- if you want to talk about the ordinance, it goes back several years a councilman by the name of bob warner was there several people ran a petition and -- two -- three of four there tonight in support of suspending this right now to let it play out through the courts. basically i believe their unified message they spoke tonight we've waited this long, another six months isn't gonna hurt. i think resoundingly they said we want the attorney to represent the city of fremont this in -- in this matter. >> greta: it sounds like a financial decision in case you are sued for damages. you don't want to incur the legal fees. the thing that is extraordinary i'm trying to sort through, this is a city council making this decision but the people in your community have sent a message
10:24 pm
to your city council. i realize the council has a responsibility to the community. i don't know how happy your voters are going to be because they want the law. i don't know it is constitutional or not but they sent a message to the city council they want the law and the city council says we are going to wait and see. >> i understand that line of thought totally and agree. 57% of the voters voted on a law. i think if you want to look at it from a broader perspective, i don't think 57% or 100% read the city ordinance. i think there's a responsibility on the council's part to make sure it is legally enforceable. we have some of the best legal counsel at our dispose able that tells us right now you need hold up to make sure this does happen. >> greta: are you in favor of this law? >> yes, yes i am. >> greta: i'm not talking about the suspension, you would have voted or did vote
10:25 pm
for this ordinance in your community? >> i was on the city council when this originally came up and i did vote in favor of this ordinance. >> greta: tonight you are saying let's be prudent and see how it place out in courts in recognition of the fact it could cost us money. many the people in your community agree with you. that's where it stands right now is that right, sir? >> as of right now it stands, i left fremont 35 miles from where we are now, the city council went into executive stkegs to discuss legal counsel for this there was limit discussion on whether or not we should enact it right away or not. most of the discussion was we should wait. even the most ardent support pers in the community said we should wait. people from other states and cities there that maybe don't have a financial stake that said maybe let's forge ahead or definitely forge ahead right now.
10:26 pm
something i've learned since leaving they council and becoming a member of the state legislature is you to make sure something is legally sound before you move forward. i think that's a prudent step the city council made tonight, i applaud them. >> greta: thank you for joining us. next griff jenkins takes you to the scene of a horrible murder. meet the widow of a rancher who was murdered. >> plus two big named republicans make two major headlines about 2012. governor jeb bush caught on tape and senator rick santorum is here live.
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v8. what's your number? get a 1 dollar coupon for v8 v-fusion juice at >> greta: you are going to the scene of a grisly murder that could be chilling proof of how deadly the illegal immigration crisis is or can be. griff jenkins went to a ran. where arizona rancher was murdered. his widow went on the record.
10:30 pm
>> reporter: in march of this year he was murdered here on his ranch not far from the mexican border. the case wasn't closed many suspected it was an illegal immigrant. authorities followed prints back across the border. the murder was rallying call for action. now this week as sb-1070 is about to take effect we take to you robert krentz's ranch to speak with his wife sue. this week the new immigration law takes effect. you find yourself at the center of it because of the tragic murder of your husband. how are you doing? >> we are doing the best we can. it is a tremendous learning curve that we are going through. our family is very, very strong, we are strong and tight-knit family. fortunately i have lots of friends and neighbors.
10:31 pm
we get by, by all the prayers and support that everybody throughout the state and nation have given us. it is just a tremendous loss to my family. >> reporter: you go back 100 years, we are 25, 30 miles from the mexican border what is life like? what does the rest of the country need to know about the fear and frustration that you encounter here on this ranch? >> i've lived here all my life. my family owned the mallet ranch that is to the north of us. and we homesteaded in the canyon the next canyon over. years ago there was not the influx of the violence that was coming across. we had many mexican cowboys that worked for us on both sides and we helped them get
10:32 pm
their papers so they could work and have better conditions for their family. we've always extended a helping hand to them. lately, in the last i'd say in the last 20 years, the numbers of people have increased. then sometimes it has been overwhelming with the sheer magnitude, there's a difference between having two guys, two of our cowboys show up that have worked for us, for years and then have 50 of women and children and grandparents we were told years ago in 2001 we were always concerned with this has to be a greater problem than people just looking for work. this has to be, you know there has to be something seriously wrong in their communities. we need to figure out what is
10:33 pm
wrong that doesn't keep these people in their homes or in their homeland. we would try to do different things and try to notify the federal government that there was a serious problem. all were looking for was positive solutions to solve the problem on both sides of border. on the ranch, rob and i always wanted this place to be a safe haven for our children and grand children to come to. >> reporter: do you believe if our government did more to secure the border it could have perhaps your husband's murder? certainly, if they get it right now that it could prevent another wife from losing her husband on a ranch like this? >> i hope so. it is not just losing your husband. if they are willing to attack somebody like rob he they are
10:34 pm
willing to attack me, my kids, anybody. that's the fear right now we have to focus on securing the border between the legal points of entry and -- the problems that are the ones that are crossing -- you know, we can't let this happen to another rancher. >> greta: griff spoke to two ranchers who are neighbors of rob and sue krentz. >> reporter: when rob was murdered, was that a shock to you guys or did you see conditions that maybe there was a real fear here on the ranches? >> rob krentz told my son everett a year ago his direct quote was, "everett, somebody is going to get killed around here, you need to make sure it
10:35 pm
isn't you." >> reporter: what needs to happen here to solve this crisis? >> number one, you have to seal the border. it has been done twice before. to say that it can't be done, john kennedy announced we could put a man on the moon, less than a decade they did it. we whipped hitler in world war ii. you can see the border. it is just they don't want to. that's the first thing. then you need to do something to document the illegal aliens that are in the country and deal with that situation and last but not least, you need to get a system in place where these poor people that are being abused by the current system that everybody wants to perpetuate can come across the line with some dignity and some rights and not have to pay some coyote.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: what about you don? you mentioned the president and secretary napolitano. if you had five minutes with them what would you tell them is the answer to the problem? >> they need to seal the border first of all that's something we've all talked about. we need to put our forces on the border at the border fence. our forces aren't on the border fence like they need to be. >> reporter: last questioned, do you guys support this sb-1070 will that help? >> it is not a total solution, but yes it will help. support it. the current system that we have in play and what the current administration wants to do is doing nothing but perpetuating the misery of millions of people and the crooks are getting rich doing it. >> greta: two important programming notes. tomorrow night texas governor rick perry will be here, live to go on the record.
10:37 pm
thursday night, on the day the arizona illegal immigration law goes into effect unless blocked by the judge, governor brewer will be here. don't miss governor perry. >> next, guess who senator rick santorum just had a private meeting with? here's a hint, 2012. he's next. bill o'reilly face-to-face with jay leno. who is the one person o'reilly wants on the factor? what did o'reilly say about glenn beck? . jay and bill coming up.
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>> greta: next senator santorum but first to ainsley earhardt. >> reporter: a 59 billion dollar bill to fun the wars in iraq and afghanistan is headed to the president's desk. the senate approved it last week. most of the money will be used to pay for the troop surge in afghanistan and other pentagon projects. disappointed house democrats note it final bill has been stripped of funds to help americans cope with the investigation. >> accident out of new orleans has the coast guard dealing with another oil leak. a barge being pushed by a tugboat hit an abandoned oil well earlier today. the leak much smaller than the one in the gulf. a mile long slick surrounded now by containment booms. no estimate on how much oil escaped in this latest situation. it is expected to take a couple of days to plug the
10:42 pm
well. i'm ainsley earhardt. we now return to on the record with greta. for more information check out our website, >> greta: it is starting, we are taking you to the front of the line to ask him. senator rick santorum running for president? i hear him groaning. you saw the notes, i googled you, senator santorum met privately with several of his former capitol hill staffers to pitch idea of presidential bid in 2012. you thought i wasn't going to ask you? >> i didn't pitch the idea. a lot of folks that used to work for me, we still stay in touch two or three times a year we'll have beers and sit around and do it. i thought instead of having a beer if a loud place where you can talk, since i've been traveling and there's been a lot of buzz i thought this might be over coffee we can sit and talk.
10:43 pm
>> greta: what happened to the beer? it started out with beer. this is now coffee. [ talking over each other ] >> a serious discussion. an opportunity and a quiet setting to talk about what i've been up to. >> greta: you've been to new hampshire three times, iowa four times. . >> four, five times. >> greta: i can tell you what you've been up to. they needed to you meet over beer/could have foye find that out? >> talk about the details of that. a lot of folks want to here what i'm -- want to hear what i'm doing. >> greta: who is the one who leaked the idea? [ talking over each other ] >> we don't know who did that. >> greta: somebody had too much to drink? >> too much caffeine. they got frazzled and had to
10:44 pm
type something. >> greta: i said there's a lot of chatter about you, all of you. when are you going to make a decision one way or the other? >> right now i'm focused on 2010. i'm trying to help candidates this is an important election. >> greta: you didn't go to wisconsin. >> i have been to wisconsin. i was in colorado. >> greta: how about wyoming? >> saturday. got what -- gotcha! >> greta: when do runs start making up their mind? >> i think after the election. everyone is going to see what happens. see who ends up deciding to step forward or not. you have the big dogs who ran the last time, sarah palin on the ticket the last time who
10:45 pm
are certainly major focus of everybody's attention right now. we'll sort of wait and see how that turn out. for me it is a decision as to, you know whether i can be a net plus to the party in stepping forward and saying the things i have to say. and stand up for the things i fought for. >> greta: often times people who are thinking of running, there's a burning issue something that bugs them makes them step forward. anything that got you a little bit that you would like to fix? >> it is such a target rich environment in washington when it comes to things to fix. the national security is a big deal for we are doing to weaken ourselves around the country, around the world and making ourselves more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. alienating our allies. these days it is not good to be a from of america. that a concern. as well as this mountain of debt. this huge grab of freedom. that's what people are upset
10:46 pm
about washington taking their freedom away. >> greta: how do you get people to talk? if people are talking we get more done. we don't have that. how would you get the democrats to talk to you? >> that's one of things if you look back on my career i have 20, 30, maybe 40 fairly significant pieces of legislation i got accomplished getting democrats to join me to do it. including i think the signature accomplishment of republicans during the time that we controlled congress was welfare reform. i was the lead guy in the senate i was able to work with guys like chris dodd and bill clinton and 70 votes on one of the most content issues there were. pat moynihan was almost in tears. this was a liberal great society program that was going to be dismantled. we it done with a huge bipartisan majority. you can get it done you have
10:47 pm
to be willing to work and put your personal thing as side. >> greta: we look forward to those beer/coffee meetings to see what else leaks out. thank you. next the best of the rest. you just heard what senator santorum said about 2012. is former governor jeb bush thinking about running? he's talking. you are going to hear from him, next. governor chris christie takes on snooki now there is more. >> elton john played at rush limbaugh because's wedding did elton adopt some of his politics? bone density builder... the only calcium supplement with genistein found in nature in soy and proven to significantly build bone density. citracal.
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. is another bush running for president? this week former governor jeb bush went to kentucky headlining a fundraiser for republican u.s. senate candidate rand paul and speaking about education reform. a reporter tracked down governor bush and asked the question. >> when do you announce your plans or decide your plans for president? >> my plans are to give as beach a speech about education reform -- as best a speech about education reform and go back to work i'm not running for president. >> greta: we'll have see what happens there. we all agree on this. rush limbaugh and elton john
10:52 pm
are the most unlikely duo ever. elton performed at rush's wedding. rush liked what he saw. >> the arizona daily star, a story of an elton john did not mince words in slamming his fellow musicians for boycotting arizona over their immigration law from the stage of his sold out tucson concert. he savored a choice not so family-friend words. he said we are all pleased to be playing in arizona. i've read some won't come here. they are nitwits i still play california. as a gay man i have no legal rights whatsoever, so what is with these people? he also refused to cancel a concert in israel. he played israel during the flotilla controversy. ignored the artist boycott of
10:53 pm
israel in june. played a show in tel aviv. then this story concludes with this, elton john also played rush limbaugh's wedding reception in early june which drew the ire of gays and lesbians. limbaugh is vehemently anti-gay marriage. john is married to his longtime partner. no he's not. he's not. he doesn't believe in gay marriage.?qr he's got the same attitude that obama does. did you know? any way i like in guy. this guy is not afraid to go against the grain. >> greta: jersey shore versus jersey governor. we showed you what governor christie says about the hit reality show. >> a bunch of new yorkers drops them at the jersey shore and tries to make america feel like this is new jersey. >> greta: now the ladies of
10:54 pm
the view are getting involve -- involved. >> >> they don't want 'em. >> nobody wants them. >> somebody wants them because they are the biggest show highest rated. >> it took me 20 years to get an article in the "new york times" and this twit is on the cover of -- >> greta: there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, we've been telling you about it all hour. next you get to see it, bill o'reilly on the "tonight show." top secret mission for glenn beck. bill and jay, next. it's about time for a mouthwash that lasts even longer. now that fresh breath feeling lasts up to 5 times longer. what will you outlast?
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. now, last night "the tonight show" became the no spin zone. yes. bill o'reilly paid a visit to jay leno. leno had a big question for bill. >> who would you like to have as a guest you have not been able to get. maybe i can help you you're a kind man. >> who are you trying to get? >> lady gaga. >> lady gaga. what is her position on afghanistan? >> i don't know. but... she's an unbelievable marketer. here is someone, she has some catchy tunes. she's madonna like. >> catchy tunes? you sound like a dad. >> i'm an old guy.
10:59 pm
>> she's going to be groovey. okay. >> now you're really an old guy. >> that is me. not pretending. >> yeah. she's an unbelievable marketer. she's madonna-like. the same kind of thing. catchy tune and shock things thrown n she's got to be very intelligent underneath the lady gaga nest. >> she's, she went to yankee stadium in her under wear. doesn't everybody do that? >> she says bill, i'll dot show if you go to yankee game with me wearing just your under wear? >> no. but boy have glenn beck do it. >> glenn beck do it. >> yes. yes. >> and get paid for the beer and hot dog. >> we'd love to see that one, right? and lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. don't forget rick perry goes on the record and then, jan brewer is here thursday. both great interviews. don't miss either one of


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